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Hanna Khalil is a junior majoring in International and Area Studies and minoring in Arabic. As a daughter of immigrants from Egypt and Spain who grew up in New York City, Hanna has valued engagement with diverse perspectives from a young age. She joined Chimes in order to learn from and with a cohort of very different individuals that she had not had the opportunity to yet interact with. During her time at Wash U, Hanna has served as Features Editor and Staff Editor for the Washington University Political Review (WUPR), and has served on the executive board of Sigma Iota Rho, Wash U’s International and Area Studies international area studies honorary. She has worked in the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs, focusing on developing professional international exchange programming. As an Ibrahim Fellow and Peer Mentor, she had the opportunity to travel throughout the Middle East, facilitating intercultural dialogue surrounding peace-building, conflict resolution, and interfaith issues. Following Wash U, she hopes to continue the Arabic instruction she gained while studying abroad in Amman, Jordan, while living in the region. She hopes to use her experience in both the United States and Arab world to one day work at a non-for-profit or international organization that elevates the voices of those fighting within their communities for gender and economic equity. When not nerding out over cool postcolonial theory or the differences between Arabic dialects, Hanna enjoys baking, watching Broad City with her roommates, and exploring the St. Louis brunch scene.