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Each year in the spring, all current sophomores enrolled at
Washington University in St. Louis are invited to apply for Chimes Junior Honorary.
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Application deadline is EXTENDED and due on Tuesday, March 26th at 3:08 PM.
Info sessions:
Tuesday, 3/19 || SEIGLE 106, 6-7 PM
Thursday, 3/21 || SEIGLE 103, 6-7 PM


How many students are selected for Chimes?
10 to 16 sophomores are selected during their spring semester, and are active members of the Honorary during their junior year.

Can I apply to Chimes if I plan on studying abroad?
Yes, you may apply if you are planning on studying abroad for one semester.

What is the application process like?
The process changes every year but typically consists of a written application followed by as many rounds of interviews as necessary to choose a new class. We remind applicants that both the application process and membership in Chimes require a serious time commitment.

How are applicants selected for Chimes?
The Honorary is focused on selecting a diverse and cohesive group who are dedicated to campus leadership and service to the St. Louis community. We advise each applicant to be yourself and demonstrate personal character throughout the process, and we encourage all interested sophomores to apply. All selections are unanimous.

Any other questions related to the application process can be directed to